Our team of volunteers are men and women from across the usa and beyond

Eddie Cross Jr. Harrisburg, PA. Qualified coach, facilitator, and trainer expertise. Possess exceptional communication acumen, business organization management and professional leadership skills. Eddie has also served in many capacities in the ministry.
​Ford Motor Company – Lead Coach “Xperience” Division” – (4 Years)
​Morgan Stanley Smith Barney – Organizational Management Consultant (3 years)
General Motors – Organizational Development Facilitator (4 years)
Consensus Organizing Institute – Senior Consultant Manager (2 years)
Hornby Zellers Associate – Management Consultant (1 year)

​Ray Patterson, Phoenix, AZ, is a professional truck driver and CEO of his own nonprofit organization. He brings his skills is marketing and business development experience to the BUADV team.  Ray’s familiarity with Domestic Violence spans decades and he is ready to share what he has learned with other bots and men what he has learned learned to help them heal. He is a devoted Christian.

​Iris Hall, Durham, North Carolina, is a Survivor of growing up in a D.V. household. She is also a Survivor of childhood sexual abuse and assault. In the 90’s she created a program based on GOOD TOUCH BAD TOUCH  to educate WOMEN and children and their parents about inappropriate touches, recognizing predators and ownership of their bodies. She worked for THE WOMEN’S COALITION OF ST CROIX AND DVSAC ( DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SEXUAL ASSAULT COALITION as DV Educator,Safe House Counselor,Court Advocate assisting women getting restraining orders and order of protections and appearing in court with clients. Iris believes DV and the issues of sexual assaults are intertwined and has worked diligently in both arenas both in the Caribbean and Stateside.  She also writes and speaks passionately about both as a SURVIVOR.

Christopher Effort, Snellville, GA, Seasoned management professional who excels in establishing excellent working relationships with customers, employees, vendors and contractors.
​Tuff Challenges/Educate Atlanta – Facility Director (3 years)
Police Officer – City of Avondale (2 years)
United States Air Force – Quality Assurance Aircraft Armament Staff Sergeant (5 years)
Winner of the John L. Levitow Award and Staff Sergeant of The Year – 2 Consecutive Years.

Ellen Janell Gilbo of San Tan, Arizona is a licensed therapist and a survivor of domestic violence. She is also a trainer in anger management. Her strength lies in her ability to communicate with all types of people and different levels of professionals. Working with clients and colleagues, agencies within the community, legal officers, and family members have enabled her to be a highly effective therapist and advocate for the population she is currently serving. As a Therapist/Program director, she has been inducted into the intricacies of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health field and has been able to gain a thorough understanding of the workings of various Health Care Agencies as they relate to substance abuse, Mental Health and other entities.

Elliot Powell, Carlsbad, CA, is a Retired Naval Officer (Captain), but his passion to make a difference has lead him to now teach at San Marcos Middle School rather than sit back and enjoy his earned time of rest.
Former Director, Federal Consulting Group at Department of Interior
Former Surface Warfare Officer at U.S. Navy
Studied National Security Affairs at Naval Postgraduate School
Studied Teaching at the California State University San Marcos
Studied Political Science at North Carolina Central University

​Jacque Williams, Auckland, New Zealand is a pediatric speech therapist and a children’s, youth and family pastor. Born in the United States she moved to New Zealand to start a new life. She has a passion for bringing hope to families by equipping, encouraging and empowering parents and children. Because she knows firsthand how it is to be a child in an abusive home, she has a heart to help children who have been victims of and have been impacted by domestic violence.

​Diego Pineda, Phoenix, AZ has worked in IT for over 10 years, starting on the phones and eventually working his way up to earning roles as a Systems Administrator. He’s worked at various companies, including Apple, Intel, Capgemini, and GoDaddy to name a few. Diego has also started going back to school to work on earning a BS.  Although Diego has never experienced DV first hand, he believes strongly in the purpose of the “No More DV Network.” He hopes to bring his expertise in the IT industry, and work with the members of “No More DV” to make a positive contribution to our society.

Andre Archer, Detroit, MI is a Singer/ Songwriter/ Radio & Television Producer. Having firsthand experience in being a victim of child abuse and years of substance abuse and homelessness, he has no problems sharing his experiences, Andre grew up singing with his siblings, traveling from church to church. Andre remains humble and serves as Minister of Music in a local Church. Andre is the host of “Strictly Gospel” on 89.3 FM, WHFR and is the founder of City on Fire Ministries, a non-profit that reaches out to at-risk youths through the performing arts.

Arthur W. Tigney, Jr.,Tucson, Arizona, is a former Air Force major and pastor who is intimately familiar with domestic violence. Whether it was growing up with significant women in his life who were victims of violence or walking individuals both personally and professionally though their journey of hurt to healing from this tragedy, Dr. Tigney has walked through both sides. Corporately trained to train others on managing aggressive behavior in addition to being a licensed professional counselor and holding numerous certifications in fitness, coaching, and transformation makes him a unique asset to our team.

​Kenneth E. “Ken” Morris, Riverside, California, grew up in Compton a city with a reputation for gangs and violence, and has always been an advocate of strong, loving family stability.  This was the model his parents, Ray and Norma, displayed in their home, in spite of the surrounding turmoil of Compton.  Ken attended Centennial High School and eventually graduated from Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi, with a BA in Journalism.  He has spent most of his working career in the insurance industry in property & casualty marketing.  Ken has been a contributor in his community over the years, as a youth basketball and baseball coach.  Ken and his wife of 38 years, Patrice, are the proud parents of three adult children.

Jason Powell, of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, an Electrical (RF) Engineer, with producer credits working artists such as MC Lyte’s Legend Album, Hidden Beach(Jill Scott Hidden Moments), Raheem Devaugh & Wes Felton (Footprints on the Moon). As the oldest of 4 children he helped his dad to raise his siblings after his parents divorced at the age of 5. Jason was an extremely gifted child and eventually joined the military.  In 2015, his life took a dramatic turn when he was wrongfully charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and domestic battery by his then girlfriend. The facts surrounding the case were never investigated thoroughly and Jason was immediately taken to jail. After many years of being in an emotionally, verbally and physically abusive relationship by this same woman, she creating false charges which she later recanted but the damage had already been done. After a stint in jail the young scholar and musical talent, now had a criminal record. Because of his encountered with many men who were falsely accused of battery, he’s working to do his part in the fight to end Domestic Violence!

Robert Filmore. Phoenix, AZ, is originally from Columbus, OH (Buckeye Nation!), and has lived in the Phoenix area for the past 11 years. As a LPL Financial Advisor, he works with clients that have diverse backgrounds and needs, where collaboratively he establish goals and parameters as it pertains to investment management, financial and retirement planning. One of his passions is working with people so that they understand how they can get more out of their money and their bigger financial picture. In his spare time, helping in community efforts, fishing when he has the time, traveling, and spending time with my wife and 2 sons.

Orry Howard, Phoenix, Arizona, is from Ohio and a avid fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers! Once a man of the streets he maintained a lifestyle of drugs, women and whatever his pleasure was until it all ended abruptly with a felony arrest. He paid his debt to society and turned his life around. Although he has seen first hand the terror of domestic violence in his own family and neighborhood growing up, he vowed to never hit a woman. Orry knew he needed a drastic change in his life and went through full rehabilitation, first in his heart by becoming a Christian and then went through ministry training with the Phoenix Rescue Mission. Today Orry is working on building his own businesses, helping in the church and doing his part as a leader to help end domestic violence.
Andrew Tarango of Phoenix, AZ is a survivor of domestic abuse. He holds a B.A. in Psychology, a B.S. in Justice Studies and is a Certified Public Manager through Arizona State University. Mr. Tarango currently serves on the Leadership Team of the Parental Alienation Support Group of Arizona (PASO-AZ) and is dedicated to preventing Domestic Violence in all of its forms. He has also served as an expert witness in Dependency Court Cases involving Domestic Violence during his previous career as a Child Protective Services Case Manager. Mr. Tarango is driven by opportunities to help others become the best parents, leaders, and citizens they can possibly be.
Bishop Andre Matthews of Phoenix, AZ has been in public ministry for over 44 years and launched his first pastorate in 1988 in Rochester, New York. He has since planted, covered, rebuilt, and launched seven ministries, and other ones are in sight globally! He is establishing a number of satellite ministry schools in readiness in Congo, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Haiti, etc.). Bishop Matthews is also an accomplished musician, and singer-songwriter. Bishop Matthews says, ” I am excited about assisting men in receiving their portion of life, love, forgiveness and understanding.”
Hope Benn, of Tucson AZ is a strong and vocal advocate against domestic violence. For 25 years Hope battled silently with low self esteem and later for a period of time was a victim of domestic violence. Hope believes truly that all things work together for the good and realizes that not one experience or tear was in vain. By God’s grace and mercy Hope has been made whole and is a survivor!  She has a crisis advocate certificate for sexual assault victims from Southern Arizona center against sexual assault. It’s now Hope’s desire through the love of God to reach, teach, encourage and empower as many as she can with the message of hope and new beginnings.

Tiffani Getz,  of Glendale AZ, has been in the behavioral health field for 14 years.  She began her career as a direct care support provider for the developmentally disabled population and moved on to psychiatric care as a behavioral health technician and a case manager for the mentally ill and recovering addicts. She has worked with many service providers such as domestic violence shelters, employment resources, adult and juvenile probation, outpatient mental health clinics, as well as the department of child safety.  She also assist many families with rebuilding their lives while recovering from substance abuse and domestic violence among other issues by obtaining low cost, usable furniture for their new homes after using every penny they’ve got to obtain housing to ensure family reunification.  Her passion has always been in the mental health services and still strive daily to do her best to families where she can and is needed.