Our Team – No More DV

We are building an awesome organization! Starting at home, we will take it as far as we can grow. Changing a world culture that has been in place for centuries takes more than a dream or a vision. This will take years of long hard work, professional strategic planning and solid dedicated people. We are at the ground level, forming a working team, setting up events and writing curriculum that can be replicated and presented across the country and on to world. No one on this team is perfect and we all have skeletons in our closets. We can’t erase our pass mistakes, but our futures are filled with love, faith and hope but the greatest of these is love.”We need your support and prayers! Although our team is comprised of men, women, boys and girls but we call our group, Brothers United Against Domestic Violence!” – Dr. Rodney Pearson, Executive Director

Corporate Officers

President                     Vice President/Treasurer                  Secretary


Dr. Rodney Pearson


 Dr. Pearson, a victim of child molestation,  grew up in the gang ridden streets of Compton, CA, during the height of gang warfare, drugs and violence. He has been a pastor for 40 years with a MS in Professional Counseling, a M. Min. and a D. Min. in theology. He is an entrepreneur, also a speaker and author of several books on healthy relationship building. Dr Pearson, understanding domestic abuse first hand, did his master’s level internship at the Phoenix Rescue Mission having the opportunity to counsel both victims and perpetrators of DV.  

Trenna Pearson


Trenna is from New Orleans, LA and has stood by her husband as a business partner and administrator through all of their years of marriage. Although she was a victim of domestic violence for many years before her marriage to Dr. Pearson, she didn’t let it stop her from raising her family as a single parent. She was an administrative specialist with Lockheed Martin for 17 years before retirement in 2014. She attended Arizona State University where she studied business. She has also worked for several nonprofit organizations. 
Delphia Addison
Operations Manager
Delphia has a strong passion for bringing hope to the hopeless.  She has worked in management for 30 years.  She is a motivational speaker, and the author of a book that describes her emotional pain as a victim of domestic violence entitled, “Black Sheep Talking.” Delphia is a diligent and dedicated worker of theisteam. She has served  as an Operations Manager for a men’s re-entry facility. While employed there, she inspired, encouraged and worked many hours to help these men start a new life after they had been released from jails and prisons. Teaching men that their history is not their destiny was her biggest reward. 

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