Young Men

​A GGYM is not a physical building but a nationwide network of brothers meeting locally on a monthly basis for support, education and inspiration for the cause of eradicating Domestic Violence through the BUADV national network.


GGYM stands for Grooming Great Young Men. GGYM groups are at the core of BUADV and the goal is to build them in communities all over the country and beyond. The GGYM serves as a training and support group for members of BUADV. GGYMs can be built inside restaurants, churches, community centers coffee shop and etc! We suggest that the time be set for 7am or earlier as some people attend church meetings, work or have other duties or events that might interfere with attendance. We also suggest that the meetings be held on the first Saturday morning of each month.

The facilitators for GGYM meetings are called Coaches. The Coaches are BUADV members who are basically older men near and over 50 years old. These Coaches serve as mentors to the younger and newer brothers and help with the event set up as facility assistants. All Coaches meet 15-30 minutes before each GGYM meeting for setup. Each local GGYM must have a Head Coach and he can remain head coach as long as there is a majority of that local GGYM membership who are in agreement and their have been no violation of GGYM policies and standards during their tenure as Head Coach. Agreement is shown in the way of emails sent to the BUADV main office 30 days before the annual Coaches Conference where the local coaches are commissioned for yearly assignments. A fifty-one  percent vote in favor of a certain person serving as a coach at the local GGYM, constitutes agreement for a local Head Coach.

Each GGYM meeting is called a “Workout” session and should last for no longer than 90 minutes. The first 15 minutes is called a “warm up” and should allow for brothers to meet new brothers or fellowship with members. The next 60 minutes is the “Workout!” The workout should consist of the first 10 minutes of in-house issues, announcing current and community issues and leave the remaining 50 minutes for “Core Training.” Core Training can be a guess speaker, training from our BUADV Curriculum (trainer is selected by the Head Coach) or preparation for an upcoming event. After the Core Training there is another 15 minutes allowed for the “Cool Down,” which allows for the introduction of new visitors and/or closing remarks by the Head Coach or a designee. Brothers are invited to GGYM workouts to meet and bond with other men for support, accountability and inspiration. We encourage all GGYM members to greet other members and visitors with a handshake, embrace and use the word “Respect” rather than “hello” as we build a culture in the GGYM workouts.

If you want to build a GGYM in your community this is what you do:

1. Have at least 3 members, 1 coach and 1 person willing to be a The Head Coach.
2. Be approved by the CEO and assigned a GGYM  ID number.
3. The Head Coach must be willing to call into the BUADV Fellowship Conference Call the Friday night before the 1st Saturday meeting and participant with a 2 minute report about your GGYM.

Do’s and Dont’s

Don’t receive any monies from any member for any reason. All monies will be handled online through the BUAVD website. People must pay for their own meals if the GGYM meeting is held in a a place where food is purchased.
Don’t use the GGYM meeting to promote politics, religion or any business. Our meetings are primarily to train, support and inspiring brothers for the cause of Domestic Violence prevention.
Don’t turn away nonmembers or women. GGYM meetings are open to the community.
No alcohol or smoking is permitted in our meetings.
Do invite as many guest as you want.
Do bring kids if you desire especially boys.
​Do bring a positive attitude to every meeting if at all possible.

Are You Ready?

If you would like to be considered to build an approved GGYM in your area, email us at nomoredvnetwork@gmail.com and we will send you the appropriate documents! “RESPECT!”
Agape Always!