About us


Brothers United Against Domestic Violence (BUADV) is an organization started by Dr. Rodney Pearson. He was teaching a domestic violence class  at a homeless shelter for women, completing an internship at a shelter for men and to his surprise his own daughter was experiencing violent treatment from a significant other, all at the very same time. Rather than reacting with violence towards his daughter’s boyfriend, Rodney decided to take action. He formed a nonprofit organization to bring awareness and to put an end to domestic violence in communities, families and relationships across the world.

Most domestic violence today is perpetrated by males against females. The culture of embracing and even celebrating males who try to prove their strength through violence and abuse is a part of our society and this is something that has to change. Our goal with BUADV is to register one million brothers of all ages, colors and status throughout the country, and repaint our community picture! Domestic violence is manifested in many ways. However, it is usually one intimate partner against the other. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviors that can be sexual, physical, psychological, manipulation or economic coercion.  Domestic violence is enacted against an adult, adolescent or child and is used to achieve, sustain, or regain power and control over those individuals.


*We have developed a basic curriculum that we believe brings awareness, develop skills, and will help end domestic violence everywhere. This curriculum is illustrated in what we call the “Peace Pie” which is composed of (1) Taking Responsibility (2) Effective Communication (3) Anger Management (4) Conflict Management and (5) Unconditional Love.

*We are formulating GGYMs (Gathering and Grooming, Young Men), groups of brothers in communities all over the country.  The GGYM will serve as a training and support group for brothers.

*Prevention is a very important part of BUADV. Our hope is to go into the different types of schools including public schools, charter schools, alternative schools, colleges and other private education facilities. We will cover areas such as, and not limited to, bullying, date rape, peer pressure and protection from peers. There are also clubs, fraternities and societies where prevention should be presented on consistently.

*We want to reach out to brothers through several major annual and semi-annual campaign events in locations such as  local concerts, conferences and other large events, all at no cost to the attendees as funding will be through financial and in-kind donations.

*Registration for members is $1.00 per month, $10 a year, or a one-time donation of $100 or over from an individual to be a life-long member with annual scholarships available for any brother who may need or request it. This registration fee will serve to cover administrative costs.

*As a non-profit organization, we solicit and accept donations from companies and organizations as our main source of generating revenue is to fund all of our campaign events, personnel and the cost of the free materials we provide to people at schools, rescue missions, churches and other facilities .

*We use lay people, celebrities, politicians, and the clergy as GGYM Coaches, Board of Directors and staff members from different walks of life. We want individuals who deeply care about the issue at hand and are willing to be fully committed as part of our team.

*Our organization is always looking to connect with individuals who are willing to serve as recruiters, inspirational speakers, and skilled trainers to help us share our message of peaceful relationships. BUADV hopes to bring change to our communities through teachings on retooling masculinity, positive communication skills, anger and conflict management and unconditional love throughout the nation and the world whether to groups or by one brother at a time.